Advice for job-seekers!

Hi all!

I have written a short article to help job-seekers looking to enter into the sustainability industry:

I’m not a HR expert but I have had a lot of experience trying to find a job, so I’m hoping that the article will be useful to many.

In the article, I cover:

  • How to work out your priorities for your next role
  • Recommendations for improving your LinkedIn presence
  • Top places to find job opportunities
  • Upskilling options for you to level-up your job-hunt

Wishing you all the best, and feel free to contact me directly on LinkedIn
Maddy Diment

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Thanks Maddy! For any job-seekers reading this, other sources of food-related jobs, in addition to the list Maddy provides in the article, are the TABLE jobs and opportunities board and Sustain’s Roots to Work jobs board.