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Feed: the podcast

Welcome to the Feed podcast forum. One of the co-hosts Matthew here!

Meat the Futures

As part of the Meat the Future project, we hope to build a lively, thoughtful and constructive discussion platform to explore the competing visions, rationales and evidence supporting different meat and livestock futures.


This section of the TABLE community is a place to share opportunities such as vacancies, funding calls, etc. We’re also hosting a thesis and internship matchmaker for students and organisations in a sub-category in this section.


The Q&A section of our community platform is a space for everyone to post their questions about food systems sustainability (and related topics). The TABLE community hosts a wide range of experts from different sectors, disciplines and world regions. With our TABLE team, we’ll also actively participate in the Q&A and try and answer questions or help identify relevant resources - and of course ask our own questions that we come across in our TABLE work. Please also feel free to use this space to post other questions to the TABLE team (e.g. about our resources, TABLE, this community platform, or bugs you run into).


This is a place to share and discuss events about food systems sustainability and related topics. We welcome posts about upcoming events, past events, and current events (we hope to use this space to livestream our own and others’ events - please drop a PM if you have a suggestion).