Whose knowledge counts? (11 January 2022)

Whose knowledge counts? Exploring evidence for Agroecology, Regenerative Approaches, and Indigenous Foodways

TABLE and the Global Alliance for the Future of Food are hosting a panel discussion centred around the “Politics of knowledge”, the first section of the Global Alliance report: Understanding the evidence for Agroecology, Regenerative approaches, and Indigenous foodways.

We’ll look at questions including: what knowledge and evidence counts and to whom, and who decides which evidence is legitimate for making policy or ushering in food systems transformation?

You can view the event recording here:

We’re curious to hear from you:

  • What did you think of the event?
  • Were there speakers whose views you agreed or disagreed with?
  • What’s your big takeaway?
  • What was missing from this conversation?
  • Are there any topics or questions you’d like us to explore in future events?
  • Suggestions for other speakers and stakeholder groups we should engage with.

Might this be January 2022 ?![:thinking:

Yes - thank you Simon!

Thanks all for today’s webinar! We must continue to make progress with this crucial issue for the best future for food and farming. Knowledge production is generating faster than ever and we must keep up with aggregating it.

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