Who would you like to hear talk about power in the food system?

Hello! We’ve just launched our first teaser episode for our new season of the Feed podcast where we’ll be exploring "Power in the food system!"

What is power, who has it, and how do different people exert power to shape the food systems that we all depend upon?

You can listen here:

We’re going to be hearing from different people across the world about how they diagnose power and how they think it should shift to reach their ideal sustainable future. Upcoming guests include:

  • the Director of the Center for Plant Biotechnology Research sharing how powerful actors limit the spread of a scientific and evidence based approach to improve food security,
  • a researcher investigating how media shapes how we think about food systems problems and solutions,
  • a farmer talking about how much agency they have to shape the future of the food system
  • and many others!

Please let us know if there are specific people you’d like to hear from, questions you’d like us to ask them, and any particular aspects of power that you’d like us to explore.

We really appreciate you listening and stay tuned for new episodes being released episodes every two weeks.

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