What are your favorite food- and food systems-focused podcasts?

I’ve been catching up on a delightful podcast that discontinued in 2019 called “Is this a Brie?” and am in need of new recommendations!

What are your favorite food- and food systems-focused podcasts?

Just a few here to start:

The Sporkful Mission ImPASTAble is a fun mini-series. :slight_smile:
Handpicked Podcast Friendly with hosts - discusses different issues around food systems sustainability in equity, primarily in Canada
Food by Design I really enjoyed the live conversation between Magnus Nilsson and Malena Martinez
The Secret Ingredient We at Feed were inspired by their multi-host format when speaking to guests.
Gastropod Pretty popular, each episode is a deep dive into the history of a particular type of food
Ecopolitics podcast Friendly with the hosts - a nice run down of different topics surrounding ecopolitics, starting in national Canadian issues and expanding globally.**
Farmerama Podcast that discusses regenerative farming (haven’t heard many episodes here)
Farmer to Farmer podcast This one is no longer running, but I really enjoyed the farmer centered experience getting into the weeds!

What else should we be listening too?


Adding some more podcasts (all available in Spotify or so):
Nordic FoodTech (English)
SLU Future food (Swedish)
Matskiftet (Swedish)


I like the BBC’s Food Chain which is quite varied. BBC World Service - The Food Chain - Available now My favourite episode was about a filmmaker who took her whole family (including reluctant teenage children) to a small town just below the Arctic Circle and decided they would only eat food that had been produced locally.
Among many many other things, this meant no salt… BBC World Service - The Food Chain, The arctic eating adventure


I’ve been enjoying the new season of Food Print’s ‘What you’re eating’, with two interesting episodes on alternative meats: FoodPrint Podcast - What You're Eating


so many great recommendations :smiley:

i would add Eater’s Digest - very much a food rather than food systems podcast, this is mostly news about the (largely US) restaurant world, and is very entertaining

and some individual episodes - “Kokumi” from the LRB podcast, an interview with Mark Bittman on the Ezra Klein Show, the mini-series on Spam by The Experiment (that @Matthew recommended to me!), this interview with Dan Saladino about his book “Eating to Extinction” on Vox Conversations

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