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Welcome to the TABLE community platform. This is a space for all to ask questions, post information, and start discussions about food sustainability.

We have organised this community in several categories or sub-forums:

  • General discussion: discuss news, research and viewpoints related to food systems sustainability.
  • Opportunities: share opportunities such as vacancies, funding calls, etc. and check out the thesis and internship matchmaker for students.
  • Events: share events, watch livestreams, discuss recordings of past events
  • Feed, the podcast: engage with a community of podcast listeners
  • Q&A: post and answer questions about food systems sustainability. Here you can also ask questions to the TABLE team (e.g. about our resources).

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TABLE sets out the evidence, assumptions, and values underpinning different viewpoints on food systems controversies. Through mapping debates, we highlight critical differences and areas of agreement, identify research questions to help resolve uncertainties, and suggest paths forward.

For more information about TABLE, please visit tabledebates.org