Looking for good brain feed/food on navigating the future of meat

Hi TABLE community,

I am Franziska, the new project assistant with the Meat the Four Futures project.
Even though the food and farming world are not new to me, I would love to catch up and learn with YOU - the TABLE community.

What are you most concerned and excited about when it comes to the future of meat and livestock?

What are your favorite and most helpful references or sources that inform or changed how you think about the past, present, and future of meat? It could be journal articles, documentaries, books, podcasts, comics… whatever.

What are you unsure of or interested to learn more about?

I am sure I can learn a lot from all of you!
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Franziska, welcome to the team :slight_smile:

I found a lot of useful resources while writing the TABLE explainer What is feed-food competition?, including:

The Poore and Nemecek paper Reducing food’s environmental impacts through producers and consumers gives an important overview of environmental impacts for different food categories.

Figure 1 of Current global food production is sufficient to meet human nutritional needs in 2050 provided there is radical societal adaptation gives an overview of sources and losses of different nutrients throughout the global food supply chain.

I found this paper on high-yield solar-powered microbial protein production interesting: the TABLE summary is here and the original paper is here: Photovoltaic-driven microbial protein production can use land and sunlight more efficiently than conventional crops.