Looking for a dissertation project

Hi all,

I am currently looking for a dissertation project related to food systems and/or nature-based solutions to complete as part of the MSc Biodiversity Conservation and Management at the University of Oxford. My background is in biological sciences but the masters I currently study takes an interdisciplinary approach to understand biodiversity science within its socio-economic and political contexts, and I am also part of the Interdisciplinary Food System Teaching and Learning programme. I have previously conducted research at the Warwick Crop Centre on bumblebee pollination of tomato crops and focused my undergraduate dissertation on bioremediation of atmospheric pollution in the Bay of Gibraltar.

If you know of anyone who would have a food systems or nature-based solutions project I might be able to focus my dissertation on, I would be really grateful if you could contact me at suzanne.lefebvre@stx.ox.ac.uk.

Thank you!

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Hi, Suzanne! good to hear your interest for MSc dissertation. Seems your background research experience is strong too. If you are interested on ethnic food system and relevant ideas and want to conduct research in Sichuan, China then can write to me at shojibbiotech@yahoo.com. Looking forward to hear from you. Have a nice day, Dr. Azam!