Youth-led healthy sustainable diet open letter - request for support

Dear Table Community,

A team of youth from five continents are leading a campaign calling for action on healthy and sustainable diets at the UNFCCC and other global fora. We had a related article published in Nature Food and the open letter is published on GAIN’s website.

We would greatly appreciate your support in signing the open letter as an organization and/ or an individual.

Please find below the links to:

We are grateful to have as signatories WWF, UN Nutrition, EAT, GAIN, the Rockefeller Foundation, the John Hopkins Center for a Livable Future, IFMSA, and others. If you wish to sign as an organization or an individual, please kindly reply to this thread or email the address in the comments.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

Kind regards,
Luke Spajic.

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My email address if you wish to sign on: