What are your thoughts on rewilding?

A few weeks ago we published a new explainer about rewilding, authored by our director Tara Garnett and me. As rewilding is a topic of much discussion and people approach the topic in very different ways, we wanted to create a space where we can continue the discussion on both the piece itself and the topic of rewilding and agriculture in general. So please use this as a place to share thoughts and ideas, links to resources, and upcoming events on this topic.

To kick off with something I’m curious about after we published this piece: What do you make of the two directions that we identified:

  • The ‘pragmatic’ approach that seeks synergies between farming and nature conservation and which tends to promote similar practices as agroecology and regenerative farming.
  • And the more radical approach that calls for segregating land into areas that are rewilded and others that are intended for intensive farming.

Do you agree that both directions are present in how rewilding initiatives currently develop across the world? Or does this framing overlook important other aspects of rewilding? (and if so which?)

I also realise that there is much more to say about rewilding and its relationships to food and farming than we have managed to cover. I’d be grateful for any comments on where you feel we got it wrong (or right) and any thoughts or resources that shed new light on this topic.

Here’s a link to the explainer:

And a link to an episode of our Feed podcast which covers the explainer: What is rewilding? (with Walter Fraanje) | TABLE Debates