Pathways to carbon neutral (net-zero) farming systems

Dear Colleagues, I draw your attention to a recent YouTube video that outlines several pathways for practical, profitable, sustainable and socially-acceptable transitioning of farm systems to a carbon neutral position (ie. net zero emissions). The video includes:

  1. Sources and sinks of greenhouse gas emissions on farm and through the supply chain
  2. Greenhouse gas emissions profiles for agriculture using Australia as an example
  3. Management opportunities for reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  4. Carbon farming co-benefits and trade-offs
  5. Profitability of and costs associated with carbon farming and greenhouse gas emissions mitigation
  6. Carbon storage in soils and vegetation
  7. Biodiversity, ecosystems services and natural capital
  8. Environmental stewardship by agricultural landholders
  9. Options for carbon farming tailored to agro-ecological region, production system and enterprise mix
  10. Planting trees and shelter belts on farm
  11. Factors enabling greater sequestration of soil carbon
  12. Cautions on trading soil carbon as a source of financial income

The video is here:

I would be interested in your feedback. Please comment below or feel free to email directly:



Practices that improve plant/soil biome functioning, reducing practices that restrict biome functioning. Rhizophagy cycling nutrient generation, nitrogen generation by bacteria and archaea within root rhizosheath with exudation. Beneficial endophyte fungi.

Practices that improve root exudation production per hectare per year.

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