New Members! (March 2022)

Hello and welcome to TABLE’S community platform! If you’re new here, if you’ve not posted yet, if you’d like to say hello, we’d love to hear from you!

Use this post to introduce yourself, share what you’re interest in TABLE is, and let us know what you’re hoping to get out of this space this year.

I’ll go first:

Hi! I’m Jackie Turner and I’m the new communications and engagement officer for TABLE. Prior to joining TABLE, I used TABLE’s resources in my own work as a way to wrap my head around complex issues in food systems and agriculture. I’m really hoping to get to know TABLE’s community better this year through this forum so I can help the TABLE team shape more content that’s more useful for more of you.

Hi Jackie - this is a great idea :slight_smile: I joined TABLE and the community platform at the end of 2021, but never introduced myself here, so…

I’m Tamsin Blaxter - I’m working at TABLE as a researcher/writer. My background is originally in historical linguistics and sociolinguistics, so coming to TABLE has been a big change of focus for me. I’m keen to use that background to help better understand how language shapes debates around the future of food and farming. I’ve been learning a lot from reading the discussions on here, and look forward to hearing more from our community in future!