Meat: the Four Futures - quiz results

In support of our upcoming podcast, Meat: the Four Futures, we have written a quiz that explores how your values align with different possible futures of meat! The quiz explores attitudes to animal ethics, individual rights, economic and social equity, the effects of technology, the feasibility of different environmental solutions, and so on.

This is a thread for posting and discussing our individual results on the quiz!

Here are mine:

So I’ve done the quiz many times over the course of the last few months, and my results vary around in this space - sometimes further towards the PB-corner, sometimes further from it, depending on what issues are at the top of my mind. I think in practice this (particularly the graph) doesn’t represent my attitude towards the “alt meat” future very well - I think I’m more agnostic about the capacity of new technologies to solve the environmental and animal ethics problems presented by meat production. The questions in the quiz that push my result away from alt meat are about individual freedoms (“People should be able to eat whatever foods they like”, etc.) - I think this really reflects the conflicting motivations people bring to the idea of alt proteins. You might like the idea of cultivated meat because you think people should have the right to eat meat but hope cultivated meat offers a win-win way to reduce the suffering+environmental impacts while maintaining that right - or you might have ethical objections to people eating meat, but think technological replacement is a more feasible strategy than persuading everyone in society of your view.

Anyway- what does everyone else get? And how well do you feel it assesses your views?

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My result was wrong. I should have ended up right in the middle but the questions were too hard to answer the way they were.

As long as we care for the earth and people with a balance of species there are Zillions of ways to eat well. That’s what I’m all for.

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That’s interesting! Why did you have such a strong sense that you’d end up in the centre? Do you feel that these four different scenarios would all be equally in line with your values?