Invitation to support research about the startups and SMEs in agrifood industries

Hi, I am doing research about the competence and the intellectual property strategy of 1. start-ups and of 2. agriculture-related, food-related, and social enterprises from the insiders and the outsiders thereof.
The first data collection period will be expired on May 1st, 2022.
You are more than welcome to let me have your insights and forward these links to someone who might be interested in participating/supporting my research.
Your time and support will be much appreciated.

LINK 3. Questions for Founder/Employee of agriculture-related, food-related, or social company :

LINK 4. Research Questions for Outside Professional (who is not working in an agriculture-related, food-related, or social company)

LINK 1: Research Questions for Founder/Employee of Start-up:

LINK 2. Questions for outside professionals (who is not working in a start-up):

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