Introducing Letterbox: a new format for dialogue on the TABLE website

We are delighted to introduce Letterbox: a new format for dialogue on the TABLE website.

In each Letterbox series, two or more people exchange several rounds of letters; during this exchange they set out their views on a contentious food systems issue. We aim for Letterbox exchanges to be cordial and constructive. The goal is not for either person to “win” the debate; rather, it is for both the participants and the audience to arrive at a clearer understanding of the reasons for disagreement as well as to identify any areas of consensus, by engaging with what the other person has to say.

Each Letterbox series will continue until the debate reaches a conclusion. Your participation is important: comments from readers will help to steer the discussion and raise questions and points of interest for our letter-writers to address.

We are very grateful to our first two writers, Hiwote Bekele, environmental health expert and educator, and Tesfaye Shiferaw Sida (PhD), multidisciplinary researcher and educator concentrating on production ecology and resource conservation, for kicking off Letterbox on the topic of the Ethiopian government’s approach to regulating genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Read the first Letterbox series here: Series 1: Cultivating genetically modified organisms in Ethiopia.

What do you think of the Letterbox format?

Which topics would you like to see Letterbox cover? Who would you like to see take part in Letterbox? Would you like to write for Letterbox yourself? What are the best practices for facilitating written dialogue?

Leave your thoughts below!