Discussing the event "Rethinking urban living labs"

Today’s event discussed A tale of two labs: Rethinking urban living labs for advancing citizen engagement in food system transformation published in Cities in 2022.

What were your takeaways from the event? How do you think we can increase citizen engagement in urban food systems? How do you think urban living labs can contribute to making food systems more inclusive?

As someone who fits this description:

“green elite people that are highly educated often white that engage with matters of food”

myself, I feel that we reach a key points just 10 mins in,

“but this is really a small part of the population and especially in the city of omera where we have a very diverse population”

We ‘white higher educated greens’ are a miniscule Global Minority. As I’ve heard Black, Brown, Indigenous People of Colour say, the term ‘hard to reach minority’ applies to us white elites more than anyone.

What concrete steps are we taking to listen to, amplify, support, get out of the way of and follow Black, Brown, Indigenous Urban Growers of Colour such as Ian Solomon-Kawall
Co-founder and Director of May Project Gardens in London and their team, who work to “empower marginalised groups to address poverty, disempowerment and access to resources and influence.”?